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About us

We are a family born and grown up in the port of Termoli. Sons of fishermen, hijacked in yachting passion.
We conduct daily all together our work that we are passionate increasingly, this motivates our efforts even in difficult times.

The experience gained at sea, sailing for years overseas as officers and commanders of warships and merchant ships, has given us the opportunity to experience new realities, to discover and explore new countries but also to experience new emotions.

It’s just the will to live new emotions that led us to believe and create the first Marina of Molise, “Marina di San Pietro” in the old town of Termoli, where we were born and where our family is linked for generations.
We operate in 360 degrees in the yachting and try to do our job as best we can together with our large and well-trained staff.

Between our passions it remains alive the desire to navigate and especially to do it in a clean, elegant, safe and economical way. We share our ideas with manufacturers of amusement boats who do not identify themselves only in simple craftsmen, manufacturers or operators but with people that first of all like to go to sea.

Thanks to all.


Stefano Marinucci
Paola Marinucci Daniele Marinucci Stefano Marinucci Angelo Marinucci